Is Polo Red Better Than Polo Blue?

Todays Fragrances for Men are Polo Blue Parfum(2016) Vs Polo Red(2013)

 NEW POLO BLUE PARFUM :(2016) Mens, like the smell of Fresh Ocean with Vetiver and Suede and Patchouli.

Aquatic Citrus and very Long Lasting.

Do Women Like this? Would they want there BF to wear it? 

On a Scale of 1 to 10 what do they Rate it?


Polo Red(2013)

Red Grapefruit, Cranberry and Lemon. So its a citrus Sweet Fragrance and Fresh.

A woody floral spice finish but not too spicy.

Do women like this. How Sexy is it? Would you think its appropriate for 20 year olds or older men?


Released in 2015. The artist actually made some fragrances for Tom Ford as well.

Its a burst of sweet like Jolly Rancher Red Cherry captured in a cologne.

This fragrance has some tonka vanilla mixed with cranberry coffee so thats where it gets this delicious fresh scent with a touch of maturity with the coffee.

It is a fresh trendy scent for the confident man. If you do not know about fragrances this is a great started cologne.

It is a unique scent. This will last 8 hours. It projects for 3 hours. If you have a different type of skin it may react better.

A large bottle like this is just about $55 to 60 on the internet.

An Overall good scent. Polo Red Cologne Polo Red Intense Blue Parfum