Tiffany is not Just Diamonds anymore.

Tiffany Review

Tiffany perfume 2.5 ounce what a powerful light musk

Mandarin orange bergamot 

Lemon,  Iris, black Curant peach,  rose, 

Patchouli and musk

It’s a citrus floral types sent with a synthetic musk background

You getting five hours longevity lots of compliments I would not recommend a blind by but those who like Chanel type DNA such is Gabriel may like this

It’s called Tiffany from the makers of the worlds most rarest jewelers in the world you have a touch just a hint of peach in there it opens up with the citrus

Then you get the synthetic black currant A very elegant well-made musk perfume kind of animalistic

The sprayer on this is top notch I like the sprayer missed because it does not release a lot of liquid allowing you to cover a large area space with one spray

I like citrus floral fruity musk you know how it is right when the weather changes early in the morning let’s say it’s April kind of Easter and a slightly humid but not really kind of damp outside this is the feeling I get a morning warm weather fresh new day feeling

Light clean fresh in soapy it’s not a heavy floral mask but it’s got that in its back bone and it’s all like floral musk do you know what I mean?

You can work this at all ages

Do not blind buy

Must like floral musk aquatics

Some girls say it’s older mature women smell and this girl was 40 lol

Fresh zingy iris with the touch of creamy mandarin the iris gives it this vintage smooth note

Many levels of notes you can detect

The white crystal musk with the hint of patchouli gives it depth 

What you smell at first five minutes is it. 

There is no development 

So your climbing the stairs of fragrances notes and you can detect the notes listed

Aquatic bright florals show up 

Prices are $132 in department stores

Beautiful box and bottle

Simple everyday scent well made nothing to drop your knees

However it’s still nice