Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Cologne

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct 2016
First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch
First Instinct Abercrombie Reactions
First Instinct Abercrombie &Fitch
First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch reaction
The creator wanted to design a Fougere with oriental warmth. His exact words were I wanted to create a fragrance which Balances fresh elements of a Fougere and the warmth of an oriental.
The top notes are Gin and Tonic with Melon
But it’s not your typical melon It’s a Melon that comes from Africa called a Kiwano.  This fruit has an orange exterior with a green flesh similar to a cucumber so you think about melons and cucumbers.
Also, you have Szechuan pepper and some violet leaves and some more Tangy citruses
Now you must know the Szechuan pepper is a citrusy spiced pepper used in Asian cuisine.  When it’s in conjunction with the other hot peppers it has a numbing effect, however, in this situation the Szechuan pepper is a citrusy smoky spice but you can barely smell, but it is their little hint of spice very well-made
 Finishes off with some suede musk and raw amber accords.

The bottles are cool too looks like a smooth wave

So far it reminds me of an early fragrance from the 90s called Rykiel Man purple bottle that looks like a T-shirt anyone remembers that?

Best part is the fresh citrus opening which very rapidly calms down into a musk with the touch of violet floral

Very clean comfortable and fun!
Projections last one hour
Longevity is 4 hours or longer
Being that it has tropical fruit inside it’s a perfect for warm weather
Perfect for cold weather as well

Great for a first fragrance for a young man
He will be able to dive right into the fragrance game with this light and easy to wear
Sweet Fruity Musk soft scent with a touch of soft leather.

First Instinct is it for Middle School? Is the Brand Strong Still? Watch the video to find out.